A choice with many regrets


~oc meme to do with friends or by yourself~


**questions with “___” are for the creator to fill in!**
1: which of your characters would take the most selfies?
2: if your characters had tumblr blogs, what kind would they be? (pale, fandom, nature, sj, etc)
3: in a high school setting, what would your characters’ best subject(s) be?
4: what is ____’s favorite food(s)?
5: what kind of music would your characters listen to? their favorite artists?
6: if ___ could choose any one body part to get chopped off to save a loved one’s life, which would they pick?
7: where would your character(s) like to go on vacation the most?
8: where would your character(s) like to live the most?
9: your character’s favorite season(s)?
10: [submitter picks two characters]; they are stuck in an elevator together for abou an hour. what happens?
11: how do your characters act when they’re drunk?
12: have your characters had sex before? if yes, how many times? with the same or opposite gender?
13: if your character(s) have kids, how do they feel towards/about them?
14: does ___ prefer tea or coffee?
15: walking into your character’(s’) bedroom, what might you see hanging/taped to their walls or on the ceiling?
16: does your character keep a diary? what would they write in it?
17: how confident are your characters with their bodies?
18: [submitter picks one character]; which Pokemon would they be?
19: when they’re about to fall asleep at night, what would your characters do/think about?
20: who parties the hardest of your characters?
21: anybody wear cologne? perfume? what scents?
22: how often do your characters masturbate? B)
23: what weapons is ___ capable of wielding?
24: do your characters think sex is good/bad? would they do it casually?
25: are any of your characters good at cooking? or alternatively, any of them burnt water?

ehh i think I need to doodle more to loosen up so YEAH i’ll answer them tomorrow cause it’s late!! You can name whichever character you want but then again I only have like 2 main ones so . .

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your ocs are so fucking cute what the hell LIKE IF I WAS AN ALCHEMIST OR SOME SHIT I WOULD MAKE THEM COME TO LIFE IN EXCHANGE FOR MY SOUL ok sorry im done


omg THIS IS THE LOVELIEST COMMENT ON MY OCS I’ve ever received cries I’ll draw more of them just for you anoN!!

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you know, tyler's chin has been gradually getting larger and larger- was that intentional? i mean no offense or anything at all your art is beautiful and so is tyler just a dumb observation sorry


LAUGHS i need to watch that i don’t want to go into yaoi chin territory SWEATS 

I think it’s more of uhh me playing around with stylesIDK Im trying to get better with different facial structures IT”S HARD 

and oh gosh don’t worry no offense taken!! I think it’s rad that you’d observe little things like that I DIDN”T THINK PEOPLE WOULD NOTICE  changes in my drawings heh

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floral print bc why not

i'm sure people would like fay as a stripper bc of his...uh... damaged quality /shot/runsawayscreeching


LJfskAUGHS CRIES i think a lot about this actually

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DOODLES OFchars that i don’t draw enough and two chars that i draw too much of 

Don't hate me, but what's Levi from?


OH he’s from Shingeki No Kyojin! It’s a manga and also anime!

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KEL HI I asked this on your main blog but it looks like u didn't see it so I'm gonna ask here HI I'm studies anon and I was wondering since u study medicine which is very heavy stuff how do u juggle studies hobby and life PLS HELP ME THIS IS URGENT→



umm i’m actually terrible with time management hahha sobs I think for me the best thing to do is to cut out all distractions LIKE DON”T STUDY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER.. MAKE A SCHEDULE and spread you rwork out i.e. study for blocks of 1-2 hours instead of like 5 hours straight. and between the hours take a 15 minutes break and do anything you want as a reward of sorts!!

TRY TO KEEP your drawing time to one hour a day maybe? and perhaps more during the weekends IDK IT”S HARD AND YOU REALLY NEED TO BE STRICT WITH YOURSELF!! Set an alarm if you often lose track of time and try not to get into the mentality where you go ‘5 more minutes..’ BC TRUST ME THAT 5 MINUTES WILL TURN INTO AN HOUR AND THAN SOME
Write down your goals, i.e. finish 2 topics each week and stick to them! I think it is important to break down your tasks cause IF YOU JUST HTINK ABOUT YOUR WORK LIKE THIS HUGE PILE OF THING you kinda get unmotivated and lazy

I USED TO DO MY NOTES WITH DRAWINGS like chars with speech bubbles saying the important stuff LOL it takes more time but it does make studying a lot more fun!! ALL THE BEST ANON i wish you well with your O’s!!!

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kisses u

kisses u